Pop Up Box
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Pop Up Box

Hey Partners! Meet the Pop Up Box. This tool is intended to help you boost sales by creating promotional content, helping out with sizing, and putting on events! Each box has an assortment of our best sellers, including one of each size of our rings! 

Also, some great resources for hosting a Pop Up Event: 

  • Promo Photos
  • Go Rings Banner
  • Prepaid Return Label
  • Business Cards


All of our rings run true-to-size and are made of raw materials ethically sourced in the USA.

Each piece is handmade by our teams in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and Dallas, Texas.

All of our jewelry is made with anti-tarnish & hypoallergenic materials.

The Materials Matter

We think it’s important that you can actually wear the jewelry you buy on a daily basis. That mindset led us to primarily work with 14K gold-filled and sterling silver materials.

When you purchase a Go Rings product, it can become part of your look every single day. Our collection was made to be your everyday, never-take-it-off, lasts-for-years kind of jewelry. You won’t have to deal with discoloration, skin irritation, or tarnishing, so leave your rings on and your earrings in because our jewelry is made for living.