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Gold Go Ring

Silver Go Ring

Hammered Stacker

Hammered Stacker (Sterling Silver)

Bezel Ring

Black Bezel Ring

Silver Dot Ring

Dot Ring

Smooth Stacker

Silver Smooth Stacker

Reflection Ring

Chain Ring


Luna Ring

Paperclip Necklace

Reflection Necklace

Reflection Necklace - Silver

Bezel Necklace

Bezel Necklace - Silver


Dorado Choker

Cable Chain Choker

Mask Chain

Necklace Extender

Endless Hoops - Gold

Endless Hoops - Silver

Tiny Endless Hoops

Tiny Endless Hoops - Silver

Tiniest Hoop

Bezel Studs

Hammered Earrings

Dot Hoops


Tiny Dot Hoops

Crescent Hoops

Reflection Studs

Reflection Studs

Bezel Hoops

Cable Chain Bracelet

 Dot Bracelet

Paperclip Bracelet


Bezel Collection

The Ring Box 

Dot Collection

The Starter Collection

The Reflection Collection 



For Good Welding

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