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Simplify & Amplify your everyday jewelry lineup.

We wanna be your go-to brand for everyday, never-take-it-off, zero-maintenance jewelry that lasts for years.

Our collection is ready to shine through literally anything on your agenda. From spin class to your 9-to-5? Yep. From the shower to happy hour? Absolutely. From Netflix binging to Bridesmaid-ing? We got you covered.

When you purchase jewelry that's made to last, find something you'll love just as much in 2 years from now as you will 2 days from now. Our jewelry finds the perfect blend of timeless & on-trend.

Texas's first Permanent Jewelry Welding Studio

In 2019, we launched our For Good Permanent Jewelry line. Since then, we've welded thousands of bracelets, necklaces and anklets on people who aren't afraid of a little commitment 😉

Since our everyday jewelry collection was already made to never take off, we thought... why not make it official? Our For Good jewelry is custom-fit by a pro and welded on the spot, so it's on you - without a clasp - for good.

A perfect way to commemorate a milestone or just something kinda spicy to do to with one of your favorite people - we think permanent jewlery is just plain fun.

Appointments are always available at our Studio in Dallas. We also have welding for Private Events available in Birmingham, AL & Denver, CO.


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