About Us

In 2013, the first Go Rings were made as a way to raise money for an 11-month mission trip to 11 countries. The product & purpose were contagious, and wellllll - that one ring accidentally turned into a full-on jewelry brand.

Years later, we still use jewelry as a force for good. We're committed to using high-quality materials, making ethically-sourced pieces that you'll love for years and years.

We make jewelry that won't quit, with a mission that won’t quit. 

We're a mission-minded & faith-forward jewelry brand, here to make sure money doesn’t hold anyone back from *going* to do good. Because fundraising isn't always easy.


Our supply chain has crazy high standards. From where it's made to who packages your order, we make meaningful choices every step of the way.


We're actually obsessed with making sure your jewelry will last for years to come. Put us to the test with our one-year guarantee. 


Dress it up or dress it down, our jewelry was made to never take off. From pilates class to a wedding guest, we make jewelry you can actually live your life in.

Hi hi! I'm Darcie and I accidentally started Go Rings.

I was a senior at TCU, fundraising for an 11-month mission trip to 11 countries. I started wrapping wire around my mascara bottle to make a ring that had 11 loops for the 11 countries I was going to, and 7 bindings for the 7 teammates I'd go with. 

The rings funded the entire journey and didn't stop selling. I decided to use these little rings to help other people have a more joyful, contagious, encouraging fundraising experience. That's why we partner with people monthly, helping them raise money to *go* do good.

On the jewelry side of things: I have super sensitive skin and live an active lifestyle - so it's always been hard to find jewelry that actually lasts through sweating, showering, and mom-ing without spending a ton. Because of that, everything we sell is made with allergies, longevity, budget, and versatility in mind.

Through our mission-minded products, my prayer is that Go Rings would make a tiiiiny lil part of your life happier. Thanks for your love & support!