August Fundraising Partners

We can't believe it's already August!
This month we are partnering with some amazing women
fundraising to Go. Do. Good. They will receive 30% of purchases
made in their name, so use one of their codes at checkout
to help make a meaningful impact in the world.
After dreaming for the past few years, I am fundraising to move to Haiti.
I am hoping to live there for one year to begin to build
relationships and engage with community.
Clarissa's Code: CLARISSA2HAITI
I am going on the World Race – an 11 month mission trip to 11 countries.
Gabrielle's Code: GABWORLDRACE
11-month, 11-country mission trip.
My team and I will serve in partnership with churches and
ministries in local communities around the world.
Spreading the gospel of Jesus.
Macy's Code: GOMACY
I begin work in Paris starting June 2021, volunteering in
the red light district and with refugees. Because it's unpaid, I am needing
to fundraise a startup fund and a salary.
Paige's Code: PAIGE2FRANCE