Frankye Kootnz - China

What is one highlight from your experience on your venture?
I loved knowing that now every time someone looks at their piece, they remember that they bought it for the people in Asia and to pray for them whenever they see it.

What do you want to remember about your experience?
I want to remember to be so thankful for my community and for the opportunity to have been able to see how people can’t come together for the Kingdom.

How did Go Rings help bring your community (friends/family/coworkers) together to help you fundraise?
I think that this was a cool way for people in my community to see that we all are able to make an impact on the world! To give or to go-both are making a difference for the Kingdom of God. The people that participated not only have a piece of jewelry, but a prayer.

What advice would you give to someone considering fundraising with Go Rings?
Do it!!! It might be out of your comfort zone, but you’ll see how many people are willing and excited to support you!

What is your favorite Go Rings product?
The small ring-it makes me think that even the smallest piece is beautiful.