Layer your Necklaces like a Pro

It's time to layer up. Sweater weather seems like it may be in full swing, but with spring fast approaching we thought it would be the perfect time to share how to up your necklace game. Here are our best tips on layering your necklaces to make a statement.

Tip 1: Switch Up Lengths

We recommend spacing out your chains about 2 inches apart so you can see each chain shine. Start with the shortest chain and build your look from there. We always reach for our Cable Chain Choker or Dorado Choker to get our look started.

Tip 2: Play with Texture

One way to spice up your look is to add different weights and styles. Try this out by picking heavy chains, various metals and chain styles. We love this line up: Cable Chain Choker, Cuban Chain Necklace and Paperclip necklace. We throw our extender onto our Paperclip Chain to add some space between the Cuban Chain.

Tip 3: Add a Personal Touch

We love to wear pendants, charms and symbols to add a personal touch. Whether it is a piece that holds special value or best showcases your personality, this is a great way to help simple outfits stand out. A fan favorite is our Reflection Necklace.


Necklace layering has become one of our favorite trends at Go Rings because you can mix & match to fit your style. Be sure to check out all the necklaces in our collection to get your layering started.