Madi Warner - Seattle

What is one highlight from your experience on your venture?
Seeing the generosity of people - there were countless people who gave as much as $7 to $1000 towards my cause. No matter the amount, I got to witness their heart latching onto my mission and believe that they could make a change too, and that was the most rewarding thing.

What do you want to remember about your experience?
How I spent 6 weeks serving but I gained more than I gave - I am a different person because of the things I experienced.

How did Go Rings help bring your community (friends/family/coworkers) together to help you fundraise?
It was an accessible, easy, and inviting way to help. They had an enticing way to help me and they got something great in the process.

What advice would you give to someone considering fundraising with Go Rings?
Go for it & make it big! Tell everyone you know about what you’re doing and use it as a way to communicate WHY you’re passionate about your cause!

What is your favorite Go Rings product?
My gold circle flats — simple and beautiful!