Natalie Reiton - Kenya

What is one highlight from your experience on your venture?
“My highlight was honestly making shoes for this little 6 year old boy that told us he had shin splints. He would run without shoes on the rocks and  gravel. We made him shoes out of medical supplies we had. I also Really enjoyed reaching so many people. It was humbling to treat communities that have never seen a doctor in their life.”

What do you want to remember about your experience?
“I still wear my go rings everyday. And when I look At my go ring, I think If Africa and the time I spent there. I remember the little school kids faces and smiles the most.”

How did Go Rings help bring your community (friends/family/coworkers) together to help you fundraise?
“From a financial standpoint it helped a lot with fundraising. I loved that the people supporting me got something else out of supporting me! What I didn’t expect was that it also reminded people to pray for me while I was in Africa. I would Get texts from friends saying they were reminded to pray for me by looking at their go ring. That was super rad.”

What advice would you give to someone considering fundraising with Go Rings?
“I made a little presentation telling people what I was Doing and why I felt Called to go- sent it out to all my friends and posted it on social media. I had So much fun with it and took my own pictures of the jewelry which was a blast!”

What is your favorite Go Rings product?
“I love the classic ring without beads and then the classic gold hoops. I wear then a lot. I also wear the gold studs.”