September Fundraising Partners

Summer is slowly slipping away, but we couldn't be more excited about
the ladies partnering with us this month. As always, our partners receive
30% of purchases made in their name, so take a moment to read
about their #godogood ventures. Find a cause you are passionate about?
Use their code at checkout to full their mission to change the world.
I'm going on a mission trip called World Race Gap Year! I'll be sharing the
love of Christ in Swaziland, South Africa, Ethiopia, and Cambodia!
Andrea's Code: ANDREAWRGY
I am leaving for the World Race in January of 2021. We will be traveling
from Central America to Africa and partnering with
local ministries along the way.
Caitlin's Code: CAITLIN

In honor of my 'achievement' to 50 this month (sounds much nicer, right?)
I'm raising funds for what's near and dear to me - JOURNEY.
Support to Sparkle!
Christine's Code: JOURNEYHUB
I begin work in Paris starting June 2021, volunteering in 
the red light district and with refugees. Because it's unpaid, I am needing 
to fundraise a startup fund and a salary.
Paige's Code: PAIGE2FRANCE