How to Wear our Endless Hoops

Our Endless Hoops are our #1 best-selling earring, but! There's a little learning curve to getting them in and our of your ear. 

Here's the best way to put the Tiny Hoops in to keep them looking brand new for a long time:

  1. Open the hoop jusssst a little bit so that the earring is only a little bit separated from itself
  2. Twist the hoop sideways - taking one end to the left and one end to the right
  3. Put the appropriate end in your ear
  4. Line up the ends of the hoops, and push the skinny end back into the hollow end
Pro Tip: I always put mine in backwards! They look the exact same, and it's easier to see what you're doing if you use a mirror.
This way you're putting less pressure on the hoop to open up! It's more about the twist than the opening if that makes any sense. If it's confusing, here's a youtube video we found that explains it nicely!

Email if you have any questions!
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