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Hammered Stacker
Hammered Stacker
Hammered Stacker
Hammered Stacker
Hammered Stacker
Hammered Stacker
Hammered Stacker
Hammered Stacker
Hammered Stacker

Hammered Stacker

Regular price$18

Our current obsession: the Stackable Go Ring. The name of their game is Versatility... wear one alone for that streamlined look, or mix and match with other pieces to create your own signature style.

Order only one at your own risk. We promise, you're going to want like 12.

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Praise for the Hammered Stacker


"I put this ring through the ringer"

I hate I used that pun - but bear with me. I bought this ring in January of last year. At the time I was thinking it's probably silly to spend $20 on a tiny gold ring. But since I bought it I have literally not taken it off. Every shower, gym sesh, and camp trip - and it's in excellent condition.


“The perfect delicate ring!”

Great experience with this shop - quality product and quick. delivery. The ring is the perfect touch. Minimal but tastefully made. Makes a statement with out being bold. I've had it for a few months and has held up very well. I went back for more.

Michelle Kiger

“Small but mighty”
This ring… I know it’s called a stackable (understandable, I want 7 more), but having just one adds a nice touch. Dainty and strong, this ring hasn’t bent through all that I put it through. (Very impressive, all my other rings have.)

Sarah Badgett

"The most perfect everyday ring” 

I bought my first of these rings in 2018 and have been obsessed ever since. I have taken these rings into the ocean over and over and over and they have held up incredibly. Considering how long these hold up for their price point, I will continue to buy these forever.


"So durable!"

I've had this ring for over 2 years and wear it pretty much all the time through workouts, days at the beach, etc. and it has held up so well! The hammered detail is just beautiful also:)